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Torn Rotator Cuff of Shoulder

Torn rotator cuff is a diagnosis that is commonly given to chronic shoulder pain.  This pain may or may not be related to any trauma.  When there is no response to physical therapy and or anti-inflammatory medications, surgery is usually suggested.

Before you undergo any surgery for torn rotator cuff, you should consult with a doctor who is well experienced in prolotherapy.  Torn rotator cuff means torn or weakened tendon and or ligaments in the shoulder.

Prolotherapy is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment of weakened or torn tendons and ligaments.  It has a very high success rate.  Prolotherapy is simple,safe and no down time needed on your part.  You can do your normal activities while being treated.  Tell your family and friends about this wonderful treatment that will help them regain the quality of their life.










Simple Test for Shoulder Pain

There is a simple maneuver which you can  do yourself to find out a possible cause of your chronic shoulder pain.  While sitting on a chair, press your knuckle or the eraser part of a pencil on the front of your shoulder.  Keep pressing on different areas and increase the pressure little by little.  If you find that there are areas which are painful, then it is possible that the cause of your shoulder pain are the torn or weakened tendons and ligaments of the shoulder.  Do the same maneuver on the non-painful shoulder.  If you do not find any painful area even by pressing with the same  amount of pressure, then it is more likely that the tendons and ligaments are the problem.  You should consult with a doctor who is well experienced in prolotherapy who will examine you and treat your problem.  Prolotherapy of the shoulder has a very high success rate.  It is simple and no down time is involved.